VersaKleen® Stainless Steel Sinks

VersaKleen® brand products by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, are budget-friendly, economical commercial sink products for industrial, laboratory, medical and other facilities.

20 Years of Quality, Service, and Support

Providing stainless steel laboratory sinks, industrial wash sinks, casework with sinks, tables with sinks, and more since 1999, G2 prides itself on quality service and support.

VersaKleen®  - Economy Stainless Sinks

VersaKleen® products are specially manufactured stainless steel sinks for budget-restricted projects that do not require the intensive-use features of many of our other G2-manufactured products. While being budget-friendly, these sinks ensure many years of lasting performance in all clean room, research, hospital, laboratory, medical, and other facilities.

Custom Products - Direct from the Manufacturer

By working with G2, you are dealing with the source of your products. We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements. This provides you the best results specifically tailored to your application and specifications.